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Dickinson College
Job Description

This position provides housekeeping and moving services to the College. Responsible for a variety of duties related to the cleaning of designated academic, residence halls, and administrative building areas as assigned. Reports to the Assistant Housekeeping Supervisor or the Director of Housekeeping as instructed.

Essential Functions:
  • Collects trash and recycling from all offices, classrooms, residence halls and lavatories and moves to designated pickup area.
  • Dusts surfaces in assigned buildings as needed.
  • Cleans chalkboards and chalk rails in assigned buildings as needed.
  • Cleans interior and exterior windows of building.
  • Administers chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting of commodes, walls, floors, etc. as instructed and according to product labels.
  • Operates commercial cleaning machinery for vacuuming, buffing, stripping and shampooing of surfaces.
  • Dusts and wet mops all floors, halls, stairways and wax when needed.
  • Removes snow and ice from building steps as needed.
  • Spot clean and shampoo carpet when needed.
  • Must be flexible to work on all 3 shifts.
  • Must be trained in Blood Borne Pathogens procedures.

Must be flexible to work on all 3 shifts. All housekeepers are considered “emergency staff.” As such they may be required to report to work even when the college is closed or is operating under a delayed start. A housekeeper may be called in at any time of day to respond to weather and/or other types of emergencies as needed. It is expected that the employee has reliable transportation adequate to transport them to work even under adverse weather conditions.

  • Prior knowledge of cleaning methods, equipment and products. 
  • Ability to read, write and communicate inter personally using the English language.
  • A valid PA Drivers License is required. 
  • A high school diploma, GED and/or prior custodial experience are preferred, but not required.

    Successful candidate will also be required to complete ACT 153 Clearance.

    Valid Drivers License: Employees (operators) must have been in possession of a valid operator’s license for not less than three (3) years and the license must have been in good standing without interruption during that time period.
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