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Wave Planner

Job Description
The Wave Planner is responsible for compiling orders from the customer into waves for the order selectors to pick. This position ensures that the orders are complete, printed and reviewed prior to start of operations.
Job Duties: 1 - 2
Primary Duties:
• Assigns and monitors the work of various warehouse personnel
• Completes the waves in warehouse management system
• Prints orders in dispatch order
• Updates the wave and load sheet
• Ensures communication between Selectors and Replenishers for stock replenishment needs
• Ensures loads are completed by the Order Selectors
• Ensures a balance of work is completed for each respective zone
• Other duties as required and assigned
• For food accounts, incumbent is responsible to report food safety problems to senior management to initiate action
Education and Experience:
• High school diploma or GED (General Education Diploma) equivalency
• Minimum 3 months to 1 year related experience and/or
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