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Summertime Mopar Fun Returns to Carlisle in 2024

Carlisle, PA The beginning of July may be the mid-point of 2024 but less than two weeks after day 183 is the automotive mid-point for Mopar lovers around the world; the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals car show (July 12-14).  This three-day event is the biggest and best of its type and includes a massive automotive flea market, car corral, Showfield, and special displays/activities that draw guests to Carlisle from near and far.  With 2024 being the 34th offering of the event, it’s a perfect backdrop for 50 Years of Carlisle Events and all of the Mopar excitement that’s come to be expected dating back to 1991. 
Displays for 2024 include those that showcase Old Skool Paint (version 2.0), 55 Years of the A12, High Impact Paint colors, and of course the Mopar Survivors tent.  Each will be positioned for optimal exposure and are open now for submission and consideration. 
As specifics about each display go, let’s take a moment to dive (or drive) deeper into what to expect, first with the Old School Paint display.  This is actually the second time in the last 10 years that the Old Skool Paint theme gets attention.  Owners of “original” paint jobs, or modern iterations of Old Skool looks that accurately represent the early ‘70s and older are strongly encouraged to apply.  This includes paint that may be showing its age too, including lacquer cracks and fading. 
From OSP to HIP; High Impact Paint that is, the amazing looks on these marvelous machines continue.  In the past, the event has showcased Panther Pink, but for 2024, the focus turns to ALL of the eye-popping factory colors.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a car or a truck, it’s the color that helps make this display a can’t miss.
Long before there was Carlisle Events in 1974, or the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals in 1991, there were A12 B-Bodies.  In 2024, those A12s are turning 55 and not only will the weekend feature a great indoor display, but a huge gathering on the Showfield, too.  For this display, all factory A12 Road Runners and Super Bees are eligible.  Restored, modified, or original, this is a top-notch showcase that just might result in some industry magazine, web, and social media exposure for all involved.
Speaking of original rides, the Mopar Survivors tent is always a popular destination for owners and fans alike of original/unrestored collector cars.  In its second year since the passing of the great Mel Major, this year’s showcase hosts a gallery of vehicles that are at least 25 years old and retain a minimum of 85% of their original, assembly line parts (including paint).
With the goal in 2024 of filling Building T with retina-burning High Impact Paint and Old Skool Paint, we aren’t expecting to have a “general” featured vehicle display, but you never know. Things could change or we might find another location to be used for such a display. Therefore, even if you don’t have a vehicle that fits one of the featured displays listed above, you are still welcome to submit your Mopar for consideration.
In addition to the great displays, showgoers can enjoy a FREE kick-off party on July 11 hosted by the Mopar Rebellion Car Club, great wheels in motion track-tivities like the Real Street Shootout (autocross), a rolling exhaust contest, rolling burnouts, and a few more ways to pique the interests of those who trekked to Carlisle!
The Carlisle Chrysler Nationals is actively taking display consideration submissions online through the Carlisle Events/Carlisle Chrysler Nationals web page.  The submission process is ongoing into at least the first quarter of 2024Apply today for display consideration.  The vehicle doesn’t have to be the best of the best, but it does need to fit one of these display themes.  Don’t have something that fits the bill for these displays, but own a show vehicle?  Showfield registration is open now.  Full details on the event, links to purchase tickets, and more are available at or by calling 717-243-7855 today. 

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