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The Civic, Audi, and Rolls get Special Attention at the 2023 Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals

Carlisle, PA The car shows at Carlisle draw hundreds of thousands of guests from around the world annually and each have their own personality.  With that in mind, there is no one show during the events season that’s more unique and diverse than the Carlisle Import & Performance NationalsFor the 2023 offering, May 12-13 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, showgoers can enjoy features that spotlight some of the top rides from two amazing European automakers and one Japanese: Audi, Rolls Royce, and Honda.
For two days in May, guests can peruse Buildings T and Y and check out an amazing feature that highlights the Audi and Rolls RoyceThe Audi display in Building T is supported by The Audi Club, a loose-fitting chapter of Audi Club North America.  With their help, this display brings some of the best Audis to Carlisle for the display and for the Showfield.  Featured cars don’t have to be owned by an Audi Club member, instead, it’s an invitational/submit for consideration process.  There is no “one kind of Audi” on the menu, rather a wide range will be handpicked from the applications to show off.  This may include some old variations of the Auto Union and DKW, as well as more modern ones, too.  If you’re an Audi fan, this display is a can’t-miss and as always, the feature will likely include a car or two that guests have never seen before.
But wait…there’s more.  In addition to rare and unique Audis in Building T, the Rolls Royce Foundation from nearby Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania is bringing a gallery of cars to Building Y.  Not only will the foundation bring a dozen or so high-end Rolls, but they’ll also transform the building, too.  Bring your Grey Poupon as you check out one-off builds, Hollywood movie cars, some of the oldest and rarest models, and more! 
In addition to these two displays, guests can also check out a nod to 50 years of the Civic. This iconic model started out as an economical mode of transportation that eventually evolved into the car of choice for today’s hot rodders. It’s a car with extremely broad appeal and functionality that ranges from the most basic grocery-getter sedan to a hot hatch to an all-out race car. If there’s one car that’s the epitome of the modern car scene, it’s arguably the Civic and we’ll have highlighted examples in Building T and more than 100 expected on the Showfield.
This diverse event features race-prepared rides, a general spotlight of cars from around the world, competitions, track activities, drive-through judging, and more. 
Gates open at 7 a.m. each day and kids 12 and under are admitted FREE.  Complete details about the 2023 Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals, including information on how to become a vendor within the automotive flea market, register for the Showfield, apply for display consideration, or simply purchase discounted spectator admission tickets can be found at or by calling 717-243-7855.

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