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2018 Reflections and 2019 Predictions Survey Results

2018 Reflections and 2019 Predictions Survey Results

We asked our members how they would describe their growth in 2018 and what they predicted their growth would look like in 2019.
We sent a similar survey last year and we’re excited to share some of our findings!

Predicted Growth in 2018

(from last year’s survey)

Reported Growth in 2018

(from this month’s survey)

Predict Strong Growth in 2019

Predict Some Growth in 2019

We will also be giving our survey results to the presenters at our annual Capital Markets Forecast Breakfast on January 29. If you are the primary member in our database and you are not receiving our surveys, please notify Donna. We truly appreciate all of the thoughtful responses that we receive and the opportunity to use this data to improve our services.

The aggregate survey results are as follows:

Other answers included: 
  • Our years of experience and a staff that really cares and enjoys their job.
  • Marketing, Networking, & Expanison Opportunities
  • Economic Factors
  • Fluctuating employee market
  • Lack of appropriate insurance reimbursement for services and cost of healthcare
  • Need larger demographic of people w/expendable income living downtown
  • Acquiring and moving to new larger facility
  • Government Regulations

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