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The Med Spa at Tangles

Enjoy 15% off any Neurotoxin injection or Dermal Filler service! Come in and see us before the time runs out!

Enjoy 15% off any Med Spa service (Neurotoxin injection for cosmetic or medical purposes, dermal fillers)

$100 Off Coaching Package

As a life coach for kids, I combine relatable stories with fun yoga poses to help kids "slay those dragons" that may hold them back from having fun and enjoying school as they should! Right now, I'm offering $100 off a five-session coaching package for back-to-school dragon slaying! Your child can meet with me - in person, or virtually, to learn how to show up for their first day of school equipped with fire-breathing confidence! Normally priced at $550, a five-session coaching package is $450!

Life Coaching, Kids, Life Coaching for Kids

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