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LEAF Project Farm Shares For Sale!

If you’re looking for amazing weekly veggies and truly remarkable value-added products from our partner farms, we’ve got you! Check out our our farm shares here

Here at LEAF, we are proud that our youth crew touches every part of the process of our farm share - from growing, to harvesting, to packing boxes, to writing newsletters, and all the way to seeking your feedback and how to make it all better. We are excited to roll out a bunch of improvements and good ideas that came from you all. In the big picture, purchasing a farm share is an investment in you, our food system, and our future leaders. 

All share options run for 21 weeks from June through October. 



Want an easy no-thinking required farm share? The base box farm share is for you. The base box is curated weekly by our farmers! Our team thoughtfully builds a
beautiful box of diverse vegetables each week for you to enjoy. The contents of your
box will be a bit of a mid-day surprise! You will be sent a newsletter with your share’s projected items the day that you are picking up your share. If you are somebody who enjoys the adventure of a more traditional farm share, then this box is a great fit. Pick-up locations in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Harrisburg, and at the LEAF Farm!

Small Share - $20/box, $420 total - perfect for a small household or someone looking to experiment with local eating!

Regular Share - $30/box, $630 total - great for a family who loves to eat vegetables!


Want a little more freedom, flexibility, and predictability in the veggies you take home? Then the free choice is for you. The free choice farm share is your opportunity to choose from a weekly assortment of vegetables, a few days in advance, and have a
customized experience in what you take home each week! Pick-up locations in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Harrisburg, and at the LEAF Farm!

Small Share - $25/wk, $525 total

Generally, these shares will get to choose 7 items (may fluctuate based on seasonal offerings). Sometimes, items will be limited to 1 per share and other times you’ll get to choose 2 of the same thing! We’ll have really clear instructions to navigate the Free-Choice Share. Another perk of the free-choice share is that you will get first access to new crops like tomatoes, broccolini, cucumbers, and more!

Not only do we have a bounty of vegetables, but we also work with some amazing partner farms/artisans to bring you the local goodies you might be looking for. Don’t miss out on these add-ons, we promise they will make your farm-share experience even better! **You do need to purchase a farm share option in order to purchase add-ons.

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