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Stacey Clark Wellness

Stacey Clark Wellness


About Us

I am a certified life coach and certified youth fitness specialist for kids aged 6-12.

I’m passionate about helping children grow into confident and resilient adults! My coaching program combines storytelling and fun physical activities, which will help kids learn important life skills that they can apply in multiple areas of their lives. Through my fun and engaging approach, children will gain the personal strength they need to reach their full potential.

At Stacey Clark Wellness, my mission is to empower children to achieve a growth mindset and promote physical activity, which will help them become more confident, build their self-esteem, and thrive in all areas of life.


Wyatt the Wise Wizard and Me! I'm wearing my POWER GOGGLES - which is something that kids will learn about in my coaching program!
Cinder is my dragon friend. She will help me explain "the dragons" to kids...Dragons are things like fear, sadness, anger, frustration - all the emotions that child can experience!
Life coaching can be the bridge between a child feeling alone and needing counseling.
I help kids create a growth mindset, build their confidence and soaring self-esteem!
I meet kids where they are! I'm a joyful spirit who truly desired to help kids find their inner rockstar!

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